Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sharyl's Bead Packet Design Challenge--#1

So I try to sign up for these little Challenges, and I am always surprised when I make it on the list.  My next Challenge is Sharyl's Bead Packet Design Challenge--#1!

I must say I love the beads! And I forgot to get a before picture of them. I really didn't think about the before picture, as normally the challenge beads sit on my desk for a week or two.  However, these came right together for 2 lovely pieces of jewelry.  Revel Date to be announced.

So go visit Sharyl's blog, look at the list of the other artists in the challenge.  I am going to finish putting my new pieces together, and then hope the weather cooperates as well as the beads did for pictures.


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  1. Can't wait to see what you create, K! I do apologize that you haven't received all the info in a timely manner. My messages to you have not reached you do to several human errors (we won't name names here, hmmm...) and possibly a few technical ones. So sorry. Just in case the last message does not reach you either....

    The blog hop is scheduled for Monday morning May 21st at 12:01 am Central time. If you have questions, please contact me.

    Thanks and hope to see everyone again soon! --Sharyl