Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So I am going to try to link up to this today.  Finally remember to take a picture on a Wednesday.

On my desk today:

My Pinterest Challenge:
Love how these turned out.  Hard to see in the picture but the black rounds are Black Goldstone, and sparkle when the light hits them.
Edited to add what I forgot! Pinned here ( from here: Peace Earrings
Not what I have planned to make for the challenge but what spoke to me this morning.  Will work on a few other items, for next month's challenge.

Also on my desk is 3 tile pendents to finish up:

A (Front Side):
(Back Side)

B (Front Side):
(Back Side)

C (Front Side):
(Back Side)

So what do you think?  Have a good Wednesday, heading to work!


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