Thursday, August 18, 2011

First day of 7th Grade

Today is the first day of B's 7th grade!  This year she actually has her outfit picked out, and ready.  She also demanded asked if I could make her a necklace and earrings to match her ring.  She doesn't wear bracelets due to playing the clarinet, though not sure about how she will play with the ring on either.  This ring is one she had found and bought herself during one of the bead shows to come to town.

This is the ring.

Here is the necklace.

Here are the earrings.

Here are 2 other necklace's I made to have options available.

Now for a funny story about all this.  About this time last year I found a couple necklace bust I could afford (without giving up bead money, anyway :).  So I go to get my necklace bust out to take a picture of the first necklace I had made since getting time...and the bust is black.  So 3 black corded necklaces to photograph, and 1 bust that is also black.  This is why I took the photo's on my lovely bamboo place mats.

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