Saturday, September 8, 2012

Second Creative Chaos Design Challenge, the reveal

It is the day of the reveal!  I received 4 baggies, and was supposed to use something from each baggie.  I failed.  My muse did not help until last night.  I did get 3 items made, with plans for 2 items from the last baggie.  I will update when I get it made, if I can get it made.  But here are the items I did get made.  Please forgive the quick pictures, it was (finally) starting to rain.

Items one, feather earrings:

Items two, Button Bracelet, I plan to add some dangles and charms to these.

Item three, Fiber Necklace:

Now go hop the the other blogs, as I will be doing at my lunch break tomorrow!

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Thank you to Skye for this  very Creative challenge!



  1. Oh that fiber looks great with that heart you used!

    And you weren't alone.. my muse and I were hauling ass yesterday afternoon to get some done too >.< lol

  2. I love the fiber necklace with the heart and the fiber..mix of textures is divine!

  3. Nice pieces!! I think many of us were scrambling!