Saturday, March 10, 2012

E's Gift for a friend

So my niece and sister were talking about the 3 birthday parties they have to attend this weekend.  One of the parties is for a friend of E.  However, she wasn't sure what she was going to get her.  I made her a necklace and zipper pull to give as her gift.  The pictures will not be the best, as it is yucky outside, and almost dark by the time I finished them.

Hope she like them,  and off to make more, as Daughter B wants one!

Have a good weekend, and do not forget to Spring Forward tonite!



  1. Kristi,
    Those are very pretty and I'm sure the girl will like them, because they are full of girly goodness.

  2. Sorry I haven't gotten on here as of late. She LOVED them.. My sister is very talented - what else can I say..