Thursday, September 30, 2010


Few new things for today.

1) Did you see my cute bat I found? The Hector Bat was created by Tana Cox. I found it on her blog called Birdseeds.

2)I added an email button on the left side.

3) I added a slide show bookmarks of the right side.

4) I completed 4 black bookmarks.  I had to push myself to not just fall on the ole' black and red color combination.  So I hope you enjoy.  Of course this means just one more color of bookmarks to go. I guess I should explain this a little.  See my sister was showing off the bookmark she stole I gave her.  That started a list of 5 colors that a co-worker of my sister might want to purchase for Christmas presents. So, me being the overachiever that I have a tendency to be, decided that there needed to be at least 4 of each color for her to choose from.  That led me to finally start a blog, so it would be easier to show pictures of what I create. So here we are.  

I think this is all for today.  I may post the necklace/bracelet/earring set my mother gave my Aunt Bea for her birthday.  Tho I can say that most of my mother's Christmas gifts are least the ones for her to give.  Now to just work on my list.


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